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Semiconductor Solutions

Off-line Standard Image Metrology

SIMAGIS Semi is an automated CD-SEM image analysis product designed to be the standard for Semiconductor image analysis applications such as OPC validation, and double patterning. SIMAGIS Semi is built for standardized, off-line analysis of top-down and cross-section CD-SEM images across all major CD-SEM makes and models. SIMAGIS can be easily customized.

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2D Design Validation with XFOV Image Metrology

ChipInsight complements today’s 2D simulation-based design validation and verification tools using real wafer print images to speed up and improve the reliability of 2D verification and validation. ChipInsight constructs Extended Field of View (XFOV) images, enabling real wafer print contours to be used for de-bugging critical modules, or entire layers. Chipinsight can also overlay multiple XFOV images from different layers so that overlay and layer coverage can be understood and corrected. ChipInsight automatically extracts contours, for example, for contacts, metal or vias, and delivers 2D print information exported in standard EDA tool formats.

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