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In order to deliver complete service solutions to our clients, we partner with best-in-class testing and imaging laboratories to provide a range of services including sample preparation, imaging and process consulting.

Service Partners

Cerium Labs
Austin, TX
Former division of AMD, the laboratory offers an extensive array of material analysis techniques at the nano-scale, including electron imaging, surface science, mass spectroscopy and chemical analysis.

Partner Profile:
Sample Preparation, Imaging, Process Advisory Services
SEM, TEM, AFM Imaging
Nanomaterial Applications, Semiconductor Applications
Houston Metallurgical Laboratory
Houston, TX

Since 1979, Houston Metallurgical Laboratory offers metallurgical testing, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, specimen machining, and process consultation for a wide variety of material analysis applications. This facility is a service provider of choice for critical applications in Oil and Space industries due to company’s well-known and highly regarded quality of service, expertise, and process excellence.

Partner Profile:
Sample Preparation, Imaging, Process Advisory Services
Optical Imaging
Metallographic Analysis, Material Testing
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