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Next Generation of Software for Image Analysis Automation

SIMAGIS® is an innovative and robust table-based image analysis software that delivers “Natural Automation”™ for repetitive image analysis tasks. SIMAGIS® allows you to visually see every step taken in the process while delivering accurate and easily replicable results.
Using SIMAGIS® capabilities and our scientific expertise we deliver ready-to-use solutions for scientific and industrial applications in Nanotech, Material Science, Life Science and other areas. SIMAGIS® is a platform that helps complete repetitive image processing and analysis tasks by applying turn-key solutions to a once manual process of imaging data analysis.

Product Benefits

Natural Automationâ„¢

SIMAGIS® is Smart Imaging Spreadsheet for image analysis  that greatly simplifies repeatable analysis operations. It automatically saves image analysis steps into a customizable spreadsheet creating a library of ready-to-use solutions from your work routine.
When saved, processing sequences of any complexity can be repeated with adjustable parameters for every step. Just change input data in one cell (image, text or other data) and results will be instantly recalculated.
Saved processing steps can be automatically repeated using different sets of imaging data. The processing sequence can be run as a background application and tied to image databases.

Visual Control and Flexibility

In the Application Spreadsheet the image analysis work is presented as a visual sequence of processing steps with visible interim results and easily adjustable functional parameters for each step. This approach simplifies control of the analysis process and allows easy tuning of parameters for different types and quality of input images.

Ready-to-Use Applications

We provide wide variety of ready-to-use applications built on the SIMAGIS® platform that offer practical solutions for specific research, business, or consumer problems as well as cost efficient custom development services for specific need.

Product features


Processing & Measuring

Phase Analysis

Leaf Analysis

Customization by Example:
Hue and saturation

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