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SIMAGIS® Features and Benefits

SIMAGIS® Platform employs concept of spreadsheet application to improve research productivity and offer a variety of ready-to-use solutions for specific scientific and industrial research problems.

SIMAGIS® provides two unique fundamental advantages that set this product apart from others and put it in a class of its own.

Application Spreadsheet

Each step of the analysis process is captured in the cell which, much like conventional spreadsheet, contains input data, processing functions and results of the operation.
Each cell may reference result from other cells for input data and create dynamic sequences. This way the analysis is presented as visual sequence or processing steps with visible interim results with easily adjustable functional parameters for each step.
This unique feature advances iterative process of selecting the best image processing parameters and significantly improves research productivity.
Another important benefit is that such visual control of interim results simplifies parameter customization for different sets of imaging data.

Executable Applications

Once analysis steps are captured, an Application Spreadsheet of any complexity can be saved and executed again with the ability to adjust parameters for every step.
This means that the executable module is created as a natural result of the research process without the need for coding, the knowledge of macro language and additional time. Changing data in one cell will result in recalculation of the analysis sequence, so saved Application Spreadsheets create a library of customizable solutions. Application Spreadsheets can be executed automatically with different sets of imaging data by anyone with or without research expertise.
This unique feature allows for documenting research work as well as retaining and sharing knowledge across the organization.

Other Features

The SIMAGIS® product includes many advanced features that match, and in many cases, exceed the functionality of leading image analysis software products on the market.
Our Functional Library contains almost 200 functions for professional image analysis, including objects and structures development, arithmetic operations, measuring (global parameters, particles parameters, special measurements), morphological operations, particle filters, statistical analysis and many others.
The product is compatible with digital image formats, such as digital photo and video cameras, microscopes, scanners and most popular image editing software.
Other features include custom programming in Java for creating new functions; automated creation of reports such as tables, graphs and distribution histograms; web publishing. More…


Image color gamma customization

Image contrasting

Combining photos

Reconstruction of grain boundaries

Sand granulometry

Blood cells analysis

Leucocyte nuclei analysis

Measuring angles and lengths

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