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SIMAGIS® Templates

"Work Table" Template - Solutions Designer

Work Table is a universal tool for a wide range of image processing tasks. This tool combines the versatility of creating and editing image processing steps with the capabilities of solution algorithm visualization. Work Table contains a comprehensive set of functions and resources for fast previewing of operation results.

"Batch Designer" Template

Batch Designer is a specialized tool for processing series of images. The table created with this template applies a constructed sequence of operations to the batch of images. Easy-to-use processing sequence designer includes the most popular image processing functions: crop, resize, rotate, mirror, brightness and contrast, gamma, color balance, hue and saturation, smoothen and sharpen, save image, and more.

"Web Album Creator" Template

Web Album Creator template is designed to create image galleries. The template interface enables you to select a document presentation style, size and location of images. It possesses all distinctive characteristics of a quality photo album.

"Measuring Objects" Template

The template is designed to measure dimensions of the user-selected particles on images. The template contains built-in step-by-step instructions for the user. User enters images, creates binary mask of the objects (automatically or manually with Threshold segmentation function.. After creating the mask, the user specifies objects to be considered, parameters to be measured and the format of presenting the results. Measurements are performed automatically.

"Measuring Angles and Lengths" Template

The template is used to measure values of the angles and lengths of the polylines located on the images. It is a version of the manual measurement tool - the user specifies the angles or polylines on the image to be measured.

"Customization by Example" Tool

Customize by Example tool simplifies selection of parameter values for image processing operations and visually demonstrates the processing result of the various values of function parameters.

"Edit with" Tool

Edit with tool addresses the sequence of an operation located in the table and designed to solve a specific task.


Work Table: Analysis of silicides inclusions in brass
Work Table

Batch Designer template
Batch Designer

Web Album Creator Screenshot

Web Album Creator

Measuring objects template
Measuring Objects

Measuring Angles and lengths

"Customize by example" tool: Brightness and Contrast
"Customization by Example" tool: Brightness and Contrast

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